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Pithoo, Satoliya or Lagori is fundamentally a round of seven stones. It is an astonishing game exceptionally well known in North India. It empowers group building and improves coordination. Anyway once extremely famous among both the more youthful and more established age, Pithoo is currently losing its significance because of space limitations and time limitations. With the expansion in scholastic strain, youngsters are currently urged to take part in sports like cricket, b-ball, and football for which they are sent for sports illustrations and subsequently don’t get an opportunity to play the customary outside games. Be that as it may, kids in towns actually proceed with the practice of playing Pithoo.
Gilli Danda

It is a round of Indian beginning which is basically the same as cricket or baseball. Truth be told, a few students of history say that cricket and baseball have their starting points in Gilli Danda which was played in the towns of India since old times. It includes two sticks, one is Gilli which estimates around 3 inches and Danda is around two feet long. Danda is hit on the Gilli which flips out of sight and is then hit as hard as could be expected. From that point forward, the player needs to run and arrive at a concurred point on the circle. Gilli Danda is said to have started a long time back in the Indian subcontinent. It is known by various names the nation over like Danggoli in West Bengal, Viti-Dandu in Maharashtra and Gootibilla in Andhra Pradesh. Notwithstanding, Gilli Danda has now UFABETWINS become totally non-existent in urban areas.

Each game is tied in with praising the blamelessness of experience growing up and making treasured recollections. Nonetheless, nowadays kids don’t actually know the names of these games which were once a vital piece of Indian legacy. The customary Indian games have lost their value and are very nearly elimination. If by some stroke of good luck web based gaming could resuscitate a couple of these prepackaged games and get the recent college grads snared on to it.